Shirt Stays (Revolutionises Men's Wear)

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You might think: "A garter I wear around my leg ? thats sounds like it's for girls"... Well you're completely wrong. There is nothing that says gentlemanly swagger like a tightly tucked shirt. Whats the point of having a well fitting suit and shirt when the shirt is all over the place ? And these Shirt Stays are comfortable ! After the first 5 min you don't notice them at all, whilst receiving compliments on your well fitting attire. A necessary addition to any gentlemans wardrobe !

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Standard Sizing Guide

Size is super easy.
We just need 4 measurements from you: 

1) Your Height
2) You Chest Width
3) Your Belly Width
4) Your Waist Width

You can tell us your size before or after you order. Thats up to you.