Custom Measurements Guide

A custom-tailored suit is a luxury all gentlemen should treat themselves to! We do recommend being measured by a tailor, alternatively, many customers do employ the help of a friend. Just make sure to follow our guide that is specific to our suits, whichever route you take. 

A few important notes before you begin:

  1. Measurements should be taken snug but not tight.
  2. In all instances, make sure that the tape measure is level across or around the body.
  3. Do not add extra inches for comfort. Our highly skilled tailors already factor in for comfort. Submit all measurements exactly as taken for a perfect fit.
  4. Submit all measurements in inches. 


Custom tailored suit neck measurement 1. Neck - Measure around the width of the base of the neck where your shirt collar would sit. 
Custom tailored suit shoulder measurement 2. Shoulder - Measure from the end of the left shoulder to the end of the right shoulder.This measurement should be equal to the desired width of the jacket’s shoulders.
Sleeve measurement 3. Sleeve -  Measure from where the seams on the shoulder meet to where you want your sleeve to end. The measurement submitted will be your sleeve length. We recommend the jacket sleeve length should come to the thumb joint (located at the wrist joint).
Custom tailored suit bicep measurement

 4. Bicep - Measure around the bicep.

Custom tailored suit wrist measurement 5. Wrist - Measure around the wrist.
Chest measurement 6. Chest -  Measure around the widest part of the chest while standing relaxed and breathing normally. Make sure that your tape measure is level around the body and do not overextend the chest. 
Custom tailored suit belly measuremetn 7. Stomach - Measure around the belly over the navel.
Custom tailored suit waist measurement

8. Waist - Measure 4 fingers below the navel. Don't be surprised if this differs greatly from your normal trousers waist size. 

Custom tailored suit hip measurement 9. Hip - Measure around the hip and buttocks.
Custom tailored suit jacket length measurement

10. Jacket LengthMeasure vertically down the front of the body, from the location of the shoulder seam to the 2nd knuckle of the thumb of the relaxed arm, while standing in an upright but relaxed position.

Custom tailored suit trouser length measurement

11. Trouser LengthMeasure the trousers outseam from the waist, down the side of the leg to the floor.

Custom tailored suit thigh measurement 12. Thigh - Measure around the width of the thigh.
Inseam measurement

13. Inseam - Measure an already well fitting pair of trousers from the crotch seam down to the end of the leg hem. 





Standard Sizing Guide


Size is super easy.
We just need a few measurements from you: 

  1. Your Height
  2. Your Chest Width
  3. Your Belly Width
  4. Your Waist Width
  5. Your Trouser Inseam

You will receive a sizing email within an hour of purchase, so watch your inbox!