NOTE: We are experiencing a high volume of orders! It's very exciting to dress up so many gentlemen, but that means you may need to wait longer than usual - around 40 days delivery time. 

4 ties - FREE + £19.99 GBP GBP Shipping & Handling

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high volume of orders, deliveries may take longer than usual - up to 40 days.

Size Guide
DON"T WORRY ABOUT SIZING YET! We will send you an email after you purchase, with super easy and precise instructions on how to give us the RIGHT measurements, so we can find the PERFECT size for you.

We Are Giving Away 100 Gorgeous Knitted Red Ties For FREE To Celebrate The Upcoming Launch Of Our New Suits

Just cover shipping & handling and 4 of these ties are yours 

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Standard Sizing Guide

Size is super easy.
We just need a few measurements from you: 

1) Your Height
2) Your Chest Width
3) Your Belly Width
4) Your Waist Width
5) Your Trouser Inseam


trouser inseam measurement










You can tell us your size before or after you order. That's up to you.