About Us

Tweed is our life, or livelihood and our love. Our mission is to provide the most amazingly styled suits to the modern gentleman. We want to keep traditions alive, and help you achieve an otherworldly charm and style. We want to be known as the market standard in exquisite suits.
We know our selves first hand how hard it can be to get quality suits. We always want to keep our style and look crisp and at the same time affordable. We also felt that tweed suits from big warehouses aren't living up to the British heritage quality that we deserve. Thats the reason why we have started Tweedmaker in collaboration with 21 traditional tailors that can ensure high quality and keep the price competitive by providing sales online. Right away we have experienced overwhelming success and attention from interested gentlemen everywhere, not only at home but also from abroad, where British style is legendary. 
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Best Regards 

Martin & Tonya

Standard Sizing Guide


Size is super easy.
We just need a few measurements from you: 

  1. Your Height
  2. Your Chest Width
  3. Your Belly Width
  4. Your Waist Width
  5. Your Trouser Inseam

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