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Grey Classic Tweed 3 Piece Suit

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Confidence… it’s what every man needs in order to get what he wants in life.

A perfectly fitted suit inspires you --- to take bold action --- and makes others sit up and take notice of you.

Show the world how confident you are with this fine specimen. 

Tweedmaker has created a new, modern design of the classic tweed that instantly commands respect of those you meet.

Your tweed suit can be hand sewn with your exact measurements. The fit is elegant and tailored. All eyes will be on you.

This classic design adds a touch of aristocratic class that will draw others to you.

Can be worn for a casual brunch, during brisk Autumn outdoor activities, or anytime you want to add a touch of old-world elegance to the occasion.

Enjoy the leisurely pursuit of the aristocracy with your own, handmade tweed suit.

Our sale ends soon, so don’t delay! Order your handmade tweed suit today.


Please note: This suit is handmade to order and production can take up to 30 days. Our suits are shipped directly from our team of expert tailors abroad and VAT charges may apply.

Please note: Our tailors have a maximum body measurement of 59". Sizes over 54" may need a custom-tailoring upgrade.

Jacket sizes 48" + are subject to an extra fabric charge of $30.



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Standard Sizing Guide

Size is super easy.
We just need a few measurements from you: 

1) Your Height
2) Your Chest Width
3) Your Belly Width
4) Your Waist Width
5) Your Trouser Inseam


trouser inseam measurement

You can tell us your size before or after you order. That's up to you.