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Our Tweed Heroes: Prince Harry

August 05, 2022

As we continue on the journey of our ‘Tweed Heroes’ series, we’re taking a short detour to a hotter, sunnier destination… 

In this latest instalment, we’ll be taking a look into the summer wardrobes of our Linen heroes instead!

When it comes to summer attire, linen suits are the sure-fire winner. Linen’s breathability and moisture-wicking characteristics help to keep you cool even on the warmest of days. And its low thread count makes for a much cooler alternative to cotton — while also said to be 30% stronger.

Linen has been used in men’s fashion for thousands of years, dating all the way back to ancient Egypt. It’s a natural fibre that was originally used to line the inner layer of expensive garments, but has now secured its place amongst the most desired of gentlemen’s suits. 

Known for his effortless sense of style, we’ll be taking a quick tour of the linen wardrobe of the Duke of Sussex, aka Prince Harry, aka Henry Charles Albert David (seriously).

Men’s linen tips from our Linen Hero, Prince Harry

Despite being fifth in line to the throne, Prince Harry may just be the King of fitted suits. Harry’s style is typically understated, with a quintessentially British feel to his wardrobe.

Not one for extravagant outfits, Harry tends to opt for dapper and clean looks. With this air of simplicity at the core of his style, Harry remains to be a notable fashion icon for modern gentlemen everywhere. 

His laid-back approach to formal wear makes Prince Harry the ideal person to place under the linen spotlight. 

Let’s see how Harry dons his linen garb, shall we?

The formal linen suit

Who said a linen suit couldn’t be worn to formal occasions? Prince Harry showed us how to wear linen with sophistication when he attended his son Archie Harrison’s royal Christening. 

Traditionally, dark suits are expected for such an occasion. But never one to conform, Prince Harry instead chose to express his personal style in linen. 

Paired with a pale blue tie and coordinated with his wife and son, the Prince looked very dashing indeed. 


The casual linen suit

The linen suit is by no means reserved for such formal occasions in Prince Harry’s eyes. He’s been known to dress head to toe in linen to several informal appointments. 

In Morocco, he visited the Andalusian Gardens in a warm beige, light-weight, single-breasted linen suit. To help dress down the charming ensemble, he accessorised with dark brown velour brogues and a matching belt. 



Linen suits seem to be Harry’s go-to when abroad, as he was spotted in a grey two-piece linen suit on his trip to Cape Town. 

The linen shirt

A linen shirt is a wardrobe staple for Prince Harry. Whenever an occasion calls for a more casual look during the summertime, you can put your money on a linen shirt making an appearance. 

On his ten-day tour of Africa and South Africa, he stepped off the plane wearing a classic linen shirt, paired with some grey-beige chinos and comfortable grey trainers. Comfort is key! 

Colourful linen

When you think of linen, you may default to a white or cream coloured image in your mind. But linen has the potential for much more. 

Prince Harry himself has explored the colour spectrum of linen. Warm or pale beiges, whites, greys, khakis and blues are all ever present within Harry’s linen collection. 



The linen blazer

The incredible thing about linen is its versatility, of which the Prince has taken full advantage. Harry has been seen to wear his trusty grey linen blazer countless times over the years. 

Well, why not! It’s important to get good wear out of your linen investments. Plus, linen softens and becomes subtly shinier over time, meaning that it looks even better every time you wear it. 

Harry himself has paired his favourite linen with chinos, jeans, as well as other types of suit trousers. 

Want to follow suit?

If Prince Harry’s style catches your eye, why not emulate it within your own wardrobe? 

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