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10 best-dressed men at the 2022 Emmys

September 26, 2022

The Emmys is not only a prestigious awards ceremony held to honour the talent that graces our television screens, it’s also a chance for actors and celebrities to get dressed to the nines. 

This year, the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards saw TV’s finest walking the golden carpet in immaculate attire. From exquisite tailored looks to striking blazer jackets and refined three-piece suits, the gents’ polished style did not disappoint. 

We’ve rounded up the best-dressed gentlemen to attend this year’s event. Keep scrolling for all the style inspiration you’ll ever need:

The best-dressed gentlemen of the 2022 Emmys

1 - Michael Keaton



Like many of the gentlemen who attended this year’s Emmys Awards, Mr Keaton paired sunglasses with a spectacular suit. We’re a huge fan of this shiny linen-look blazer with the contrasting collar.

The bow tie and pleated dress shirt take this look to new levels of sophistication. A very dashing ensemble indeed! 

2 - Tony Shalhoub


Tony Shalhoub is a well-decorated actor — not only in reference to his several esteemed awards but also to his sense of style. 

This year’s Emmys saw Mr Shalhoub dressed in a dapper three-piece suit. The ensemble appears to be all black, though if you take a closer look his jacket and bow tie are actually a very dark mauve. 

3 - Andrew Garfield 


Best known for his role in the Spiderman films, Andrew Garfield attended the award ceremonies in a head-turning all-white linen suit.

Mr Garfield’s look strikes the perfect balance of formal and casual. While the shiny blazer collar dresses the suit up, the unbuttoned shirt dresses it back down. Topped off with his white gold pinky ring, Andrew’s outfit just oozes cool. 

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4 - Seth Rogan


Though Seth Rogan’s look is very similar to Andrew Garfield’s, he provides the perfect example of how the look can be made to look more formal. 

With the help of a matching bow tie and belt, Mr Rogan proved just how well he can scrub up at this year’s Emmys.

5 - John Wilson


John Wilson took a professorial twist on the red carpet looks. His dark brown corduroy jacket looked charming paired with front-pleated khakis and an off-white shirt. 

His silk tie elevated the look so that Mr Wilson held his own amongst his Hollywood peers.

6 - Jordan Temple


Looking very suave in his emerald green velvet tux suit, the producer of Abbot Elementary, Jordan Temple, added not one but two watches to complete the look. His white pocket square helped to tie the suit together with his white high-neck shirt. 

7 - Will Poulter


Dressed head to toe in black, Will Poulter looked very smart at the television awards ceremony. 

He passed on a tie, keeping his attire clean and simple. The addition of a brooch accessory to his blazer brought that extra sparkle to the look. 

8 - Ismaël Cruz Córdova


Ismaël Cruz Córdova showed us how to mix and match a blazer to create a unique look. 

The grey velvet jacket brought a unique and classy twist to the classic white shirt, black tie and black trouser combo. 

Much like Mr Poultner, Cruz Córdova added a brooch for that something extra. 

9 - Brett Goldstein


Renowned actor Brett Goldstein brought an air of British charm to the Los Angeles-based ceremony in a classic black tie look. 

10 - Bob Odenkirk


One of the hottest actors in Hollywood right now, Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad actor Bob Odenkirk swapped his character’s shabby suits out for a very distinguished outfit at the Emmys this year. 

His navy blue suit was the perfect choice for getting dressed up for the occasion. 

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